Filling and packaging your personal care & cosmetic products

Five versatile filling and packaging solutions for your brands.

BPI Labs’ five fill and package services includes tubes, zipper bags, packets (sachets), bottle and jar, and bulk filling. 

BPI Labs regularly invests capital in new machinery for its customers, and there are many unlisted options, such as shrink bundling and labeling, which you can discuss with a project manager.

Each service is packed with options so that you have maximum creative control on how your product is packaged.

Tube Filling

Convenient, Inexpensive, Simple

Filling your product into tubes is the finest way to give your profit margin maximum breathing room. A tubing machine completely automates the filling process, which keeps machine setup fees, cost of packaging, and direct labor very low.

Private Label Personal, Skin and Hair Care
White Label Sachet Bags

Gusseted and Standing Pouches For Salts & Powders​

Unique, Practical, Reusable​

This service fills gusseted bags and stand-up bags with salts or powders. This service can fill product varying from fine powders to coarse salts in uniquely shaped and colored packaging with zippers.​

Bottle & Jar Filling ​

Dry or Wet, High-Speed Lines, Labeling Options​

Automated capping, coding, bottle loading, and other equipment lets us fill and package your jars and bottles with wet or dry product in consistently quick fashion. Labeling can be front and back, wrap-around, or stamped.​

BPI Labs cosmetic packet filling

Sachet (Packet) ​

Trial Size, Single Use, Promotional​

These packet sizes can put you into travel-size markets, industries that appreciate single-use packaging like medical, or markets where ease-of-use is highly valued. This service is also ideal for market testing, product cross-promotion, or giving your customers a reason to try all your products and get them hooked.​

Bulk Filling​

You can have your personal care product filled into large, non-returnable containers such as 5-gallon buckets, 55-gallon barrels, and 330-gallon totes. Lead times are typically faster than manufacturing a filled product.​

Private Label Bath Salt Products

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