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We need machine operators with practical knowledge of machine controls, including human-machine interfaces, to help us complete customer orders. BPI Labs uses bottling, tubing, and capping machines, among others, to manufacture custom products, and this important position assures machines are operating efficiently and correctly


BPI Labs uses many machines in filling and packaging lines to complete customer orders, including bottling, tubing, capping, boxing, taping, and other machines and equipment. We need industrial mechanics who will set up equipment and machine lines for filling and packaging customer orders within defined time standards. This important position will require persons with strong aptitude in mechanics to setup and maintain production equipment.


BPI Labs uses chemical compounders to produce the cosmetics and personal care products our customers order.  This essential job uses best manufacturing practices, standard operating procedures, and important methodologies to create perfect mixtures of BPI Labs’ formulations.  A chemical compounder uses mixers, cosmetic ingredients, and measurement tools to achieve perfect outcomes every time.


This role has the responsibility and ownership of our plant’s condition in terms of organization, cleanliness, and readiness. It supports manufacturing teams to help expedite line turn-over between production runs, and it has the responsibility of keeping the plant in a presentable condition to accommodate visitors for onsite audit or other. Cleanliness as well as organization has a direct impact on safety, which means it is critical we operate the plant in a clean and safe manner. BPI is also registered with the FDA as an OTC contract manufacturer, which requires us to follow important regulatory guidelines that this role will facilitate.