Manufacturing your personal care and cosmetic products

Custom production for your brands

You will have convenient access to our in-house laboratory where we formulate to your specific brand requirements. 

Design and source your packaging with outside vendors, then manufacture at BPI Labs using one of our 5 filling services.

The end result is a product that looks, feels, and performs in ways that are entirely unique.

Expand your market reach at BPI Labs.

Wet and Dry Product

You can have both wet and dry product made at our facility.  Wet includes thick creams or fluids.  Dry products include powders, bath salts, and effervescence.  

Organic Certified

Premium, organic markets are open to you with our organic formulating expertise and our USDA NOP and ANSI/NSF-305 certifications with Oregon Tilth, our 3rd party certifier.​

OTC and Medical

The OTC (over-the-counter) drug and medical device markets are available to you because of our FDA registration and regulatory know-how.

Our capacity will scale with your business.

Our compounding department can manufacture as small as 110 gallons up to 5,000-gallon batches of wet product.

Dry batching, depending on the product, can range from a few hundred pounds up to 7000 pounds of dry material per batch.​

Our Quality systems will protect your brand.

We have over 25 years of manufacturing experience that has fortified our quality systems.  Learn more about our quality systems at this QMS blog post.

Both the FDA and Oregon Tilth, our organic certifier, audit us for compliance with their requirements.​

Is your product ready for BPI Labs?

BPI Labs minimum order quantities (MOQ):

Simply indicate if your product is wet or dry, the quantity of product per container, the quantity unit of measure, and how many containers you intend to order.

Is BPI Labs good fit?

Setup a meeting with our PM to discuss.