Formulating your products for your brands

Use our laboratory to manage your brands and products.​

BPI Labs’ in-house laboratory will help you transfer your technology and extend your product lines. We are practiced at quick sample turnaround, product durability testing, and regulatory compliance. ​

We have a combined 45 years of cosmetic formulating experience bringing novel product concepts into reality.

Extend your product lines and manage your product life-cycles.​

Our laboratory will help you extend your product line, bring new enhancements to existing formulations, troubleshoot your technology, and replicate products in the market. ​

We can find ways to work with the ingredients you’d prefer so that your customers can continue to trust your brand. It engineers for price targets, product efficacy goals, and feasibility for many markets.​

BPI custom skin care formula manufacturing

Develop for these regulated markets


We formulate for the over-the-counter (OTC) drug markets, including hair regrowth. See our FDA registration here.

Medical Device

Some personal care we formulate, like personal lubricants, are considered medical devices by the FDA. ​

Organic Certified

We formulate for organic certifications in partnership with Oregon Tilth. See our registration with Oregon Tilth here.​

We make tech transfer a smooth transition by advising our clients how to acquire everything they need.

BPI Labs can advise you on securing specialty ingredients, processing instructions, and other formulation factors when transferring technology so they lose nothing by switching to BPI Labs.

If some part of technology fails to transfer, we will extrapolate and substitute whatever is missing, many times, with a more cost-effective approach, while maintaining quality and consistency.​

What will you accomplish?

We’re excited to hear about your ambitions.