High-production sanitizer for your brands

Make your brand extra relevant in the next sick season.

BPI Labs has installed a high-volume production sanitizer facility.  Production volume is estimated at 20,000 gallons per day because of our advanced inline mixing.

The ingredients are pumped through our inline mixer, which perfectly mixes the ingredients, and directly to our bottle fillers or tubing machines and into your packaging.  There is simply no waiting.

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Sanitizer that smells amazing.

Not all ethanol is equal. Much of the ethanol available to the market has a foul industrial odor that is unacceptable for the personal care market.  However, we use cosmetic ethanol that comes without noticeable odor.

Read more about how we get purest ethanol at our blog post.​

Beauty natural skincare products development concept. Dermatologist hands  holding blank cosmetic skincare bottle w/ pump dispenser and  organic ingredient on  white  background.  Top  view. Close up.

Formulation Options

If your formulation needs to be a little different, then we have these options.​

  • Your formula can have varying concentrations, ranging from 60% to 80% ethanol by volume.
  • You can use a wide variety of fragrances and concentrations.  ​
  • Other additives are possible, such as aloe vera, essential oils, and others.​

Federal Compliance

Your sanitizer will be compliant with federal regulations and quality controlled by professionals.​

BPI Labs is registered with the FDA as an OTC, medical device, and cosmetic manufacturer. We adhere to cosmetic good manufacturing practices (cGMP) as outlined by the FDA and we are regularly audited for compliance by the FDA.​ Read more about our quality systems at our blog post.​

Tube and Bottle Filling Available

Your product will be filled on our high speed, automated filling lines.

  • Tube sizes range from 2 – 8 fl.oz.
  • Bottles from 2 – 128 fl.oz.​

We also have bulk filling available in barrels, totes, and tanker.​  Learn more about our fill and pack options at or fill and pack page.

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