Your formula possibilities are extensive with our array of bottle and jar filling equipment.

Your product, wet or dry, can be filled into a large variety of bottle and jar types. This is because we have many varied machines with different purposes. We have salt and powder augurs for filling dry product into jars, vacuum filling equipment that prevents mess for viscous liquids, fillers with modular filling heads for containers that vary in size, and rotary bottle filling equipment for fast production.

This equipment was selected to service the spectrum of product formulations, allowing our customers maximum control over product formula to packaging fit.

Bottle and Jar filling is automated to give you low-cost manufacturing.

Our bottle and jar filling equipment are augmented with automated cappers, bottle and jar loading, automated coders, labelers, taping, and induction sealing.  Every product you onboard or develop at BPI Labs will have a filling line designed to maximize your piece-per-minute production rate, which also allows us to give you accurate fulfillment forecasts

Automated labeling lets you service all your packaging needs at one manufacturer.

BPI Labs offers wrap-around, front-back, and stamped automated labeling for jars and bottles. These machines can operate extremely fast with precision, creating a perfect adhesion every time. However, this precision equipment does require some careful adherence to packaging design to get perfect outcomes.

See how you should design your labels for perfect application every time at this 3-part blog post.

We can service your unique packaging requirements with custom machines & tooling.

If our equipment does not meet your packaging requirements, BPI Labs can often spec new machinery and tooling to get the job done. We have had hand-built tools, devices, and machines made specially for our customers. Talk to your project manager to see if this is something we can accommodate you with at BPI Labs.

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