Chemical Compounder


BPI Labs success is ultimately dependent on our team members executing at peak performance. One of the key roles at BPI Labs is the Chemical Compounder (CC). The CC is central to the manufacturing process with success or failure having an outsized impact on success of the company overall. The CC role requires strict understanding and adherence to S.O.P.(s), process and/or related work instructions, a keen understanding of processing and related equipment, ability to work cross functionally, ability to multi-task as well as work under pressure.

Chemical Compounder Duties/Responsibilities

  • Compounds batches of pulled pre-weighed raw material(s) using defined processing tanks and supporting equipment by following processing and set-up instructions.
  • Manage raw material from staging to inclusion in batch being compounded/produced.
  • Set up processing equipment and operate per provided instructions following safe and efficient methodologies.
  • Document all production on batch records to include, but not limited to, raw materials used, quantities, lot numbers, temperatures, and time intervals.
  • Coordinate work with lab staff to ensure specifications are measured and recorded as well as batch adjustments are clearly executed and recorded.
  • Maintain a clean and safe working environment.
  • Recognize and identify non-operative or out of specification conditions for all equipment.
  • Work with quality control on root cause analysis as well as continuous improvement opportunities.
  • Work with equipment maintenance specialist on maintaining equipment/hardware inventory in defined locations to support individual lines or general hardware inventory locations.
  • Make recommendations on upgrades or replacement of equipment and hardware inventory levels to support production schedules.
  • Understand production schedule to anticipate requirements and prioritize work.

Qualities Required for Chemical Compounder

Attention to Detail: This is probably the most critical aspect of all work at BPI labs. It is especially critical that the Chemical Compounder model this expectation. Not adhering strictly to processing instructions can have significant impact on cost to the company, safety ramifications, delayed deliveries, customer dissatisfaction. The ability to read/understand instructions is critical in this role.

Solid Understanding of Math: The ability to understand and perform basic math consistently is paramount to the CC position. Ratios, percentages, weight calculations, weight adjustments, specification understanding is all part of the daily requirements for this role.

Good Communication: Both written and verbal communication is essential to success. They must be able to clearly communicate as well as receive/understand suggestions, requirements etc. with team members in all departments of the company.

Embraces Change: Just as with finding solutions to unique challenges, change will always be a part of the contract manufacturing experience. As much as we attempt to plan our production schedules, customer or inventory or equipment readiness can result in schedule changes. Rather than getting frustrated with change it needs to be embraced and used to learn and stretch our abilities.

A Continuous Improvement (C.I.) Mindset: BPI considers itself a C.I. company always looking for ways to improve how we manufacture and meet (minimally) or exceed (ideally) our customer expectations. Ideal candidate will embrace a C.I. mindset, bring suggestions forward on how we can improve our processes.