Plant Cleaning Specialist


BPI is a company registered with the FDA as an OTC contract manufacturer. Our manufacturing plant operating in a clean and organized manner is paramount to our success as a leading contract manufacturer. This role has the responsibility and takes overall ownership of plant’s condition in terms of organization, cleanliness, and readiness. This role supports manufacturing team to help expedite line turn over between production runs. This role has responsibility of keeping the plant in a presentable condition to accommodate visitor for onsite audit or other. Cleanliness as well as organization has direct impact on safety, it is critical we operate the plant in a clean and safe manner. This role plays a critical part in always maintaining the plant in a readiness state ensuring availability to support production schedule(s).

Plant Cleaning Specialist Duties/Responsibilities

  • Understand all aspects of cleaning all facilities in manufacturing, packaging, and warehouse areas.
  • Understand cleaning methodologies including relevant equipment, cleaning solution concentrations, area specific requirements, compliance related requirements in accordance with cGMP.
  • Recognize, identify non operative or out of specification conditions for all equipment.
  • Make recommendations on upgrades or replacement or inventory levels to support production schedules.
  • Understand production schedule to anticipate requirements, prioritize work.
  • Work closely with mechanic team to coordinate line set up/tear down, production schedules, maintenance.
  • Support equipment clean team as necessary to support production schedules.

Required Qualifications

Attention to Detail: This is probably the most critical aspect of all work at BPI labs. Attention to detail as well as anticipating needs of the plant are critical to support growth of the company.

Good Communication: Both written and verbal communication is essential to success. They must be able to clearly communicate suggestions, requirements etc. to team members.

Embraces Changes: Just as with finding solutions to unique challenges, change will always be a part of the contract manufacturing experience. As much as we attempt to plan our production schedules, customer or inventory or equipment readiness can result in schedule changes. Rather than getting frustrated with change it needs to be embraced and used to learn and stretch our abilities.

A Continuous Improvement (C.I.) Mindset: BPI considers itself a C.I. company always looking for ways to improve how we manufacture and meet (minimally) or exceed (ideally) our customer expectations. Ideal candidate will embrace a C.I. mindset, bring suggestions forward on how we can improve our processes.