BPI Manufacturing Labs

Skincare and Cosmetic Contract Manufacturing

BPI strives to give you the best product and best experience in manufacturing your cosmetic products and ensuring the highest quality product is in the hands of your consumers.


We excel in partnering with you to formulate, manufacture, fill, and package your product to ensure it gets into the hands of your consumers on time with highest possible quality. BPI embraces the opportunity to add value to your business and build your brand. We aim to be a valuable contributor as you build your brand’s legacy by partnering with you to create, package, and build a real story on every project in which we partner. Our focus is to help you to create an outstanding product that is safe with the highest quality for your consumers. We have the capability to engage with your team end to end from formulation to shipping and everything in between based on the unique needs of your project. As a skincare manufacturing lab and a cosmetic contract manufacturer, we take pride in the work we do.


BPI is a manufacturing company in Wyoming. Close to major interstate I-80, and only an hour and a half from The Salt Lake International Airport, we are in the best location to get your product into the hands of your consumers. BPI’s history dates to the 1990’s as a family-owned manufacturing business. BPI’s adherence to customer service, on time delivery, and quality has allowed the business to stand the test of time. With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing, filling, and packaging we are confident we are the best partnership for you and your business. With a portfolio of over 3000 formulations developed over the years, you can be assured we will use our experience combined with our innovative custom formulation capability to contribute to your business’s success. With our broad and experienced team, we can provide guidance as needed throughout the product realization path to ensure your cosmetic product meets at minimum or exceeds your expectations while ensuring compliance with all FDA regulations and guidelines, making BPI the ideal partner for your cosmetic manufacturing needs.


BPI partners with you and encourages you to be involved through the entire product realization process from concept to volume manufacturing to ensure you are satisfied with the development of your product at every stage, whether its with skincare manufacturing labs or with cosmetic contract manufacturing. When you come to us our experienced team works together to bring your cosmetic product to life. Our process starts with you and our Sales Project Manager working together to get a clear understanding of your concept of your product and what we can do to help you meet and exceed those goals. As part of the discovery phase, we will ask questions related to product specification and deliverables, your ideal timeline, your packaging type, fill sizes, volumes, any special needs in terms of fill or final packaging for this product. Using our extensive experience, we will advise ways to adjust specifications if possible, to optimize manufacturing efficiencies to save cost. We will then advise your team on expected lead time for your project.

Once we have your preferred formula or we have created a formula that meets your specifications, and has been reviewed and approved by your team, we will run sample fill tests in our lab to ensure that your product is the best quality and meets or exceeds your specifications. We do this by conducting extensive testing in our in-house lab to ensure that your formula creates a product that meets both yours and our expectations. Some of these tests are to make sure that your product is stable in your chosen packaging, a freeze thaw test to see how your product will react to being frozen. By engaging in testing early in the development phase, we can catch potential problems allowing us to advise you to potential issues that could arise, and we can both move forward with confidence that we can guarantee that your product is of the best quality at the lowest price. Once we have created and tested your product, we will send out a sample to you for approval. We work together to source your packaging and then your product moves into manufacturing. After your product has been made and filled in your chosen packaging, we will work with you to figure out the logistics for shipping your product.


With both skincare manufacturing labs and cosmetic contract manufacturing, the first phase of the product realization journey is discovery phase where we capture all aspects of your project with our Sales Project Manager, recording critical information and translating to solutions and we now have a sense of everything that is important to you relating to your project. This is also where you are able to tell us the story of your product and tell us the expectations that you have for your project.

Second phase of the cosmetic manufacturing journey is engagement with our research and development / formulation team. This is where we produce first run lab batches and to test your product against specifications and provide feedback to you with test results, potential issues and possible solutions based on your expectations. This is a critical step in the cosmetic manufacturing journey.

Once you are satisfied with the performance of the product and provided approval to move forward, we will have you submit a purchase order that will define the quantity, the timing, and any special considerations. From there, our team will start sourcing work from our extensive list of qualified vendors for all raw materials needed to meet the requirements of the P.O. We will also help you to source your packaging or have you ship us packaging that you have sourced. Once we have all your packaging and materials, we can start manufacturing your product in our factory.

Third, once your project, now approved and released to volume production, is in production we will keep you informed as to status as it moves through the various stages of production from blending to filling to finally packaging.

We will blend the batches to fill the requirements on your purchase order. We will send your product to a third-party lab for microbiology specific testing. After your product’s results are in and within specifications, the blended bulk material will move to our filling department for filling and packaging. We will send your product in for another round of microbiology tests to ensure that your product is within specifications for the use and safety of your consumers. We will then prepare your product to ship and help you to secure your preferred shipping method.


If all of those steps above seem overwhelming, don’t worry, BPI will guide you through the entire manufacturing process. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for many years, BPI will work closely with you in every step of our manufacturing process to keep you as informed of your product’s progress as possible. This is especially helpful in an ever-changing market. When it comes to working with our skincare manufacturing labs or our cosmetic contract manufacturing, our goal is to work with you to ensure that your product meets your expectations in each step of the manufacturing process. Our team works to ensure that if anything needs directions with your project that we put it in your hands. We work to make sure you are engaged and well informed at every step of the manufacturing process so we can both be confident you get your product into the hands of your consumers as quickly as possible.


Here at BPI, we have a wide variety of manufacturing equipment to manufacture, fill, and package your cosmetic products. With over 47,000 sq. feet of manufacturing space, we have both small and large batch manufacturing capabilities. We are capable of running tubes, bottles, packets and pouches to meet the needs of your company. With our 165G, 330G, 550G jacketed sweep side processing and our larger 1,100-gallon and 3,000-gallon processing tanks with a 5,000-gallon processing tank being delivered in March of 2021, we can meet all of your small and large batch processing needs and we are in the perfect position to help you grow your business. Our Norden 602 Tuber can run up to 60 cycles per minute and our Norden 702 tuber can run up to 80 cycles per minute giving a combined throughput of up to 140 cycles per minute for a quick turnaround of your product.

For bottles we have a 12 head Rotary Filler which covers a wide fill size range of products, from 2oz to 128 oz and can run up to 150 cycles per minute. We have 3 different highly configurable bottle lines; each can run up to 50 cycles per minute. With all of these varied manufacturing and filling options, we are capable of producing a quick turnaround for your product. We also have powder filling capabilities with both bottles and pouches.

BPI specializes in both hot and cold process manufacturing. So, your cosmetic product can be manufactured to meet your expectations with the highest quality. We also offer a continuous processing option that can produce between 25 to 50 gallons of product a minute while holding very tight tolerances on critical specifications such as Ph, specific gravity, assay and viscosity. With all this equipment, we are ready to meet whatever manufacturing needs your business currently has and we are well positioned for your future growth. We work together with you as a team to ensure that you have the highest quality product to give your consumers and to help expand your business.


BPI strives to give you the best product and the best experience in manufacturing your cosmetic products and ensuring the highest quality product is in the hands of your consumers.

With BPI’s wide experience we are able to offer you the guidance to grow your business. We have specialized knowledge all the way from formulation to manufacturing to packaging and finally to shipping. We can add value to your business in all your formulation, cosmetic manufacturing, and filling needs. BPI also has numerous trusted vendors to source the materials and packaging for your cosmetic manufacturing needs while ensuring that your product meets your timeline. With all our equipment, we can state with a high level of confidence we have what is necessary to meet your cosmetic manufacturing needs from either small and large batches in combination with many filling options, BPI is the best partnership for all of your cosmetic manufacturing needs.

We look forward to partnering with you to build a brighter future for your business. We hope to help you create a standing legacy for your business. Get started today!

“You guys do a great job, and I enjoy working with BPI. You’re easy to deal with, and you do what you say you’ll do. You come through. You deliver what you promise, and that means a lot to me.
I’ve worked with BPI since 2012, and we like the formulations you guys make. I like working with people I can trust, and we have a sense of trust with you guys. When you say you’ll do something, then you’ll do it.”

A conversation with a customer who did over 150,000 pieces with us in 2015