Cosmetic Packaging

We work with our customers to ensure they get packaging they love while still meeting the timeline of their projects.

Who is BPI?

BPI is the best manufacturing company to partner with for all your manufacturing, filling, packaging, and shipping
needs within the personal care products space. BPI is located in scenic Wyoming. Our location puts us in the ideal
location to get your product into the hands of your consumers, with only a few miles to Interstate-80 and only an hour
and a half drive to Salt Lake City and Salt Lake International Airport. BPI has been in its current location since the 1990’s.
With prior locations in California, BPI’s experience adds up to over 30 years in the personal care product industry from formulation to manufacturing to filling to packaging and shipping.

When you come to BPI you oversee every decision while we will provide our guidance through sourcing and validation
to ensure it meets all requirements and ongoing guidance if any issues should arise prior to volume production. Our
cosmetic packaging validation process ensures that your cosmetic product will look its best while keeping with the
brand that you have created. BPI aims to benefit both your product and your consumers while meeting the timeline
of your project.

How can BPI help me with my personal care packaging needs?

BPI is the best manufacturing facility to fill your cosmetic packaging needs. We have wide variety and capabilities of
filling and packaging equipment to meet the needs including multiple high speed tube fillers, multiple bottle filling
lines including highly efficient rotary filling, hot fill, dry product filling and an extensive list of qualified vendors to help
you source your packaging. We are fully capable of meeting any need that arises for your project. We have the
capabilities to do many kinds of packaging – bottles, tubes, packets, bags, or jars made from any variety of material
from PET, HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, glass, polypropylene. With all these options, you are sure to get the packaging you need
at the best possible prices.

How does BPI know the needs of my project?

When you contact BPI, we ask the critical questions to fully understand how you would like your project to proceed
from concept phase all the way through to volume production. We will ask you to define your expectations for your
project. You and our Project Sale Manager will discuss your expectations for your product including, how much you are
expecting BPI to produce and what kind of packaging you have selected or if you will need help selecting or sourcing your packaging. We will also advise you on our requirements for ordering and our basic expected lead times. When we understand your project and your packaging needs, we will guide you in the sourcing process. Here at BPI, we have three different paths to help source your personal care packaging needs.

How does BPI help me source my personal care packaging?

The three different paths for sourcing your packaging are, you have selected your packaging, you want to source your
own packaging, or you would like to pay our turnkey fee and have us source your packaging on your behalf. In any case,
we will be happy to work with you and one of our qualified vendors to acquire the packaging that you love while meeting the timeline and budget of your project.

I have my own personal care packaging. What happens now?

If you have your own packaging, we will request a sample of your packaging to run tests in our lab. This is a
compatibility and capability study, a way of ensuring that your product will run smoothly on our packaging lines while
maintaining the highest quality possible. Once we have completed testing of your personal care packaging, we will
report back to you with the results. This way we both have confidence in a smooth transition to volume production
as well as on-time launch.

I would like BPI to help me source my personal care packaging. How do I proceed?

If you would like us to source your packaging for you, we will work with our broad selection of qualified vendors to get you the packaging that meets your expectations within the timeline and price target for your product. When we receive sample packaging that meets your specifications and expectations, we will send you a sample for your approval and engage in our internal capability and compatibility testing protocols.

I would like to source my own packaging but don’t know where to get started…

If you do not want to pay our turnkey fee for us to source your personal care packaging, our team can introduce you to our qualified vendors. You will have the option to work with them directly or to find your own vendor to source your packaging. They will send you samples to choose from based on your specifications for your project. When you have picked your product packaging, you or your vendor will send us your approved sample to run our tests in our facility.

Whichever option you pick, BPI will be happy to guide you through the process of sourcing your personal care packaging. Since we work so closely with our vendors, we can advise you if there could be long lead times or any problems that may cause your product to need a change in order to meet the timeline or price point of your projects.

When you have sourced your packaging for your personal care product, we will get a sample of your packaging to run tests in our lab. We want to ensure that your personal care packaging will keep your product safe from air, dirt, light, heat, and cold, anything that could compromise the integrity of your product. We want to ensure the safety of your consumers through your packaging, formulation, and safety regulations to help you advance your business.

What does BPI do to ensure the quality of my personal care packaging?

With your approval of your proposed packaging for your personal care product, BPI will run various extensive tests to
ensure the quality of your product. Our experienced chemist will run a variety of accelerated tests to find any problems
that could arise during production. If any of these tests fail, we will come back to you with our results and offer you
possible alternatives while still maintaining your brand look. Since we do this testing on a small amount of your
product, we will be able to troubleshoot any issues before your product runs in a full batch and ensure that you have
the highest quality product for your consumers. We will inform you if your proposed personal care packaging leaks
color into your product, whether or not your product will need to be shaken before use, or any other issue that could arise.
This way, you can be confident in the quality of your product and we will be capable of fulfilling your product within the guidelines.

BPI is your ideal choice for all your personal care packaging needs. We will work with you and our various vendors to
source your packaging, test it in our lab and factory, and help you to get your product into the hands of your consumers.
With our wide expanse of personal care knowledge, we can ensure all your project’s needs are met with highest possible quality.
We can add value as a partner to ensure that your label and packaging meets all FDA regulations and requirements.
We can guide you through the entire process from formulation to manufacturing to packaging to shipping your product. When you work with BPI you can rest easy knowing that your product, once delivered, will be of the highest quality.