Getting Started On Your Private Label Product


It all starts with a meeting.

From Product Concept to Reality

Want to talk to us about your project, product, or brand?  You can setup your own meeting with a project manager at BPI Labs at a time you find convenient.  Just click ‘Request a Meeting’ and we’ll call you on a time and date you specify.  Otherwise, keep reading to see some of the things we’ll discuss in your first meeting and how we’ll help you get your product to the shelves.


If you have an idea for a personal care product but don’t have a formula, we are eager to turn your idea into a product. Give us a description of your ideal product and a few examples from the marketplace, and we will discover the series of ingredients needed to create a sample product for you.


At BPI Labs, we are excited to work with your existing formula. To get started, our companies will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect your property. Next, send us some samples of your product and your complete formulation information. We’ll use your formulation to create, test, and send you a sample.


After you approve the sample, we will send you budgetary pricing
based on historical costs so you can ballpark your product’s price.
(Or we’ll send final pricing if you’re buying in bulk only).

Next, To Fill & Package
Your Product…

Send us samples of
packaging and artwork
for your label.

We’ll dial in our machines
and check your label for
 regulatory compliance.

We will create your Bill
 Of Materials (BoM) for

Final countdown to launch your product.

We’ll send you final pricing to manufacture your product. If the final pricing is satisfying and your bill of materials (BoM) checks out, you’ll be ready for lift off!