Salts & powders in bags with zippers

BPI Labs has received requests for a gusseted bag filling service for powders and salts for years, and we’ve finally responded with a bagging service that has range and options that’ll meet your needs.  While the service is specified to work with salts and powders, additional tooling would enable us to fill these bags with liquid product.

If you take a look at the top 10 selling products in the bath salts category at, you’ll see a significant number of those products filled into what the industry calls gusseted bags.  To gusset something is to reinforce a seam with fabric or material, and many bag styles fit this definition.  The great news is that BPI Labs can fill your product into many of these styles. 

Above Picture: Shaped Standing Doy Pouch

Unique Styles

Bag Styles

We’re able to fill shaped pouch, standup doy pouch, 3-side seal bags, side-spout pouch, and flat bottom bags, which are shown throughout this page.

Shape Design

Bags can be designed to have a unique shape that reflect your brand logo and a unique seal shape to bring those curves to the top of the bag.

Pictured Left: Shaped Standing Doy Pouch with Side Spout and Shaped Seal

    Unique Features

    Zippers and Spouts

    One of the more appealing features of these bags is the ability to include zippers or other resealing mechanism to add convenience to the customer’s reuse of a product.

    Quality Screen Printing

    These bags are a stellar medium for high-quality screen printing and label design.  And if you need your product to speak for itself, then the bag can be made of a clear medium to showcase your uniquely styled ingredients.

    Pictured Right: Clear Standing Doy Pouch with Zipper

      Private Label Salt Products

      Technical Details


      Each bag can be filled with up to 2 kg. of mass, but our engineers assure us we can dial past that with some testing.  Our service is rated to produce 20~55 pieces per minute (PPM).


      We’re able to fill bags anywhere from 120~260 mm. ( 4.72~10.24 in.) in width up to 130~400 mm.  (5.12~15.75 in.) in length.

        Pictured Left: Flat-Bottomed Bag with Zipper

          Get Started

          Bag Suppliers

          BPI Labs has a ready network of bag suppliers who can assist you in finding the perfect bag for your product and have it screen-printed with a jaw-dropping label.  Give your project manager at BPI Labs a call to get information on these suppliers.

          Start your Project at BPI Labs

          And if you’ve never met your project manager, Click Here to setup a first-time meeting.  We can’t wait!

          Pictured Right: 3-Side Seal Packet with Zipper and Standing Doy Pouches and Zippers

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