What is your company doing to give your customers new ways to try your product?

Packets are perfect for niche markets and new product adoption.  Our newly designed machine can fill your product into screen printed single-use packets that your customers will find simple to use and convenient to try.  Our service works with both wet and dry product.  Keep reading to see why you should be thinking about single-use packaging.

BPI Labs cosmetic packet filling

New Markets

Packets are perfect for certain niche markets that desire single-use packaging. You can now position your product for travel markets with travel size packaging. Markets that require single-use packaging to prevent cross-contamination, like medical markets, will appreciate packets, as well as any market that wants frustration-free packaging that comes only at recommended use levels.

    Here’s some designs we’ve used.

    Create your own size, design, and look for wet or dry product.

      BPI Labs cosmetic packet filling

      Sample Packaging

      Packets are extremely suitable for marketing your company’s new products. You can encourage prospects to try your products in packets at trade shows or you can send them in mass mailing campaigns. Packets are ideal to cross-promote with other products customers already purchase. Or if a consumer isn’t sure which of your new products to try, packets make it easy for the consumer to try all of your new products and decide which they like best.

        Getting Started

        If you believe packets might be good for your brands, then get in touch with a BPI Labs project manager. We have already found sources for packets, screen printing, and we’re now taking orders for clients. You should be putting your new products in packets and introducing your brand into new markets with trial size packaging.

          See the new sachet machine demonstrate packet creation!

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